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Why Venezuelans are the best workers for your business.

Are you looking for experience professionals that are willing to receive a profitable salary to your company? Then maybe you should take a look at Venezuela.

It’s not a secret that this South American country is struggling with political, economic and social crisis. But behind all this, there are a lot of highly qualified professionals with valuable labor experience, university degree and other attitudes.

The question is, why work with Venezuelans if you can work with someone of your country?

  1. Because they can do the work equally or better than any worker in any country for a profitable salary for your company.
  2. Their universities have high standards of education. Some of them were founded by professional immigrants and also, many of the college professors made part of their professional careers at the best universities in the world, bringing that knowledge for the future professionals of the country.
  3. Because of the economic crisis, they are willing to find outsourcing jobs in international companies for better salaries.
  4. The communication with Venezuela is very direct, not only for it geographical location, but because many of the professionals are bilingual and have internet access.

The Venezuelan economy is affecting very hard the salary of their citizens, but to make this explanation a lot easier, the Venezuelans monthly minimum wage is 1.307.646 bolívars, which is equivalent to 6.03 $ at the current black-market exchange rate, being the lowest in the continent:

As a consequence, the Venezuelans that don’t want to emigrate have preferred to search for better salaries in other countries through remote work or international companies that offer high salaries in other currencies.

So, if you’re in need of good workers, with talent, and eager to work, give it a try and we can assure you that you won’t regret it.

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