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Cinterazo Paraguayo: Who said that politics can’t be fun?

Thousands of video games appear every day on the internet. We can find videos games inspired in movies, books, comics, series and every story or character that can come to life with graphics, like an especial agent, a drug dealer, a SWAT, a mystic creature, your favorite actor or movie character and even a UFB fighter.


This month we had the pleasure to create a video game named “Cintarazo Paraguayo” (enlazar con el link). Two candidates for government positions in Paraguay, Paraguayo Cubas and Celso Miranda, contacted the Digital Agency 8bit to create a game where they could destroy their political enemies in a virtual environment.


With “empanadas” (typical food in Latin-America), poop and a whip as special power, the players can fight and protect themselves of coca, money and babies that are thrown from their enemy, a Three heads monster inspired in a “Teyú Yaguá” (monster of the guaraní mythology), the three faces of the monster are “Malandra”, “Ferchu” and representing the controversial president of Paraguay “Drogacio”. The other characters in the game are rats wearing suits, representing the senators of the Paraguayan congress.

Of course Paraguayans are the only ones that can enjoy the full experience of the video game because they are living the history, but the interesting thing about this project is the unconventional strategy to increase the votes and popularity of a political party, trusting in technology as a channel for their political campaign with a very clear message.


Just imagine that for the last presidential election in US, Clinton created a video game where the user had to throw “tacos” to Donald Trump and he attacked back throwing his blonde wigs. This kind of ideas are not only hilarious, they also have the possibility to become a viral content, where everyone can share the game with just a link and compete for the best score with their friends and family.


Make politics funny and viral is a challenge in this century where young people don’t want to get involved in this kind of topics. Creating a video game like this is a smart and effective way to deliver a message.


We always talk about making unforgettable experiences and apply modern types of advertising for our client’s projects and this one represents those words. Every brand, including politicians, is having problems to get into the mind of the consumers and only the brands that trust in the effectiveness of the new technologies are those that have become the leaders of the world.

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