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Advergames: make your ad compelling.

With the arrival of the Internet, and the growth of technology, the brands had to modify their strategies to get the attention of the consumers; which is more difficult every time, not just for the constant technology evolution, but because of  the amount of competition that they must overcome and the high demands of today consumers.

According to a research realized in February 2017 by Vibrant Media, the advergames are considered one of the fourth more “compelling” types of advertising channels for the consumers. This stats show the receptivity that this kind of advertisement generates in the consumer.

So, if it’s a fact that customers find Advergames compelling, why your brand doesn’t have one?

6 reasons why you should use Advergames for your brand.

  1. it’s easier to remember because it transforms advertising in an entertainment experience for the user.
  2. With an advergame the user is exposed to longer advertising than other types of advertisements, increasing the probabilities of success of the strategy.
  3. By creating an advergame you can improve the positive aspects of your brand.
  4. A good advergame generates engagement, and creates an emotional bond with the user.
  5. An advergaming campaign is more profitable than TV commercials or other types of traditional marketing strategies.
  6. Is a very versatile advertisement, because customers can consume them through smartphones, tablets, PC, stands, Facebook, and every platform that allows it.

In South America, popular brands like Coca-Cola and LG, have marked their success in the market applying Advergames strategies hand by hand with Virtual Castle. As pioneers and one of the biggest companies with more experience in Advergames development, we have increased the engagement of brands and have made them more compelling for our customers. We create original experiences for many brands, from an Advergame about makeup for a cosmetics company, to a sowing and reaping experience to promote a pesticide.

Don’t put limits to your imagination and invest your budget in effective advertising. The times of banners and invasive advertisements on youtube are over, Advergames are made for brands that really want to success and get into the customer mind creating experience where they can interact with the brand and feel joy. They passed to be a risky gamble, to a tendency that brands need to adopt.


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