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2018 trend: let your customers live the experience with VR.

All the experts in technology and marketing are talking about the predictions of VR for this year. The fact is that VR has gone from being a $90 million industry in 2014 to a projected $5.2 Billion industry in 2018.


More than a virtual scenario that simulates real experiences, VR have become one of the favorite’s software for consumers of technology, especially because it lets you be a part of a completely different reality. Also, virtual reality is being adopted in products of daily consumption like advertising and video games, this is some of the main reasons why the users are increasing constantly and the experts are expecting that VR becomes the technology trend of 2018.

Expecting to reach 171million of users, brands are surely preparing part of their budget for VR development, and not only because VR is looking promising this year, but because the projections for the next years don’t stop going up.


But why is 2018 the VR year? Based on the recopilation of experts opinions in You Visit website, we created a list of reasons why VR is expecting to be the technology trend of 2018:


  •        Cathy Hackl (AR and VR producer and speaker) thinks that one of the main reasons why 2018 is the year for VR is because 2018 FiFA World Cup, where big companies like NBC are going to surprise the market with a virtual experience where fans could live the action of the most important event of the year.
  •         PJ Morreale (senior director of YouVisit Studios) believes that business executive will see VR as an essential tool to generate engagement and conversion for their brands.
  •        Jesse Schell (CEO of Schell Games) predicts that 2018 is a year where a lot of new VR develops will appear, like a Comcast Channel, VR-centric game genre, and a VR social platform.

It’s not a secret for anyone that VR is being used to train F1 drivers, keeping them safe and minimizing costs in car damages. This kind of technology can be adopted for designers, creating a virtual product like house layouts, buildings, sculptures to showcase to their clients where they can interact with it and have a great quality preview that can sell your product better than traditional methods.


As experts in the development of this type of software, in Virtual Castle we always recommend the creation of effective strategies for brands, and one of the most compelling and unforgettable is Virtual Reality. This kind of technology is very versatile, giving every brand the opportunity to let the customer live the experience that they want to transmit.


There’s no time to fall asleep between all this craziness of technology evolution, so don’t let your brand become an old fashion one and pay attention to the trends of the year.

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