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Advergames: make your ad compelling.

With the arrival of the Internet, and the growth of technology, the brands had to modify their strategies to get the attention of the consumers; which is more difficult every time, not just for the constant technology evolution, but because of  the amount of competition that they must overcome and the high demands of today consumers.

According to a research realized in February 2017 by Vibrant Media, the advergames are considered one of the fourth more “compelling” types of advertising channels for the consumers. This stats show the receptivity that this kind of advertisement generates in the consumer.

So, if it’s a fact that customers find Advergames compelling, why your brand doesn’t have one?

6 reasons why you should use Advergames for your brand.

  1. it’s easier to remember because it transforms advertising in an entertainment experience for the user.
  2. With an advergame the user is exposed to longer advertising than other types of advertisements, increasing the probabilities of success of the strategy.
  3. By creating an advergame you can improve the positive aspects of your brand.
  4. A good advergame generates engagement, and creates an emotional bond with the user.
  5. An advergaming campaign is more profitable than TV commercials or other types of traditional marketing strategies.
  6. Is a very versatile advertisement, because customers can consume them through smartphones, tablets, PC, stands, Facebook, and every platform that allows it.

In South America, popular brands like Coca-Cola and LG, have marked their success in the market applying Advergames strategies hand by hand with Virtual Castle. As pioneers and one of the biggest companies with more experience in Advergames development, we have increased the engagement of brands and have made them more compelling for our customers. We create original experiences for many brands, from an Advergame about makeup for a cosmetics company, to a sowing and reaping experience to promote a pesticide.

Don’t put limits to your imagination and invest your budget in effective advertising. The times of banners and invasive advertisements on youtube are over, Advergames are made for brands that really want to success and get into the customer mind creating experience where they can interact with the brand and feel joy. They passed to be a risky gamble, to a tendency that brands need to adopt.


Why Venezuelans are the best workers for your business.

Are you looking for experience professionals that are willing to receive a profitable salary to your company? Then maybe you should take a look at Venezuela.

It’s not a secret that this South American country is struggling with political, economic and social crisis. But behind all this, there are a lot of highly qualified professionals with valuable labor experience, university degree and other attitudes.

The question is, why work with Venezuelans if you can work with someone of your country?

  1. Because they can do the work equally or better than any worker in any country for a profitable salary for your company.
  2. Their universities have high standards of education. Some of them were founded by professional immigrants and also, many of the college professors made part of their professional careers at the best universities in the world, bringing that knowledge for the future professionals of the country.
  3. Because of the economic crisis, they are willing to find outsourcing jobs in international companies for better salaries.
  4. The communication with Venezuela is very direct, not only for it geographical location, but because many of the professionals are bilingual and have internet access.

The Venezuelan economy is affecting very hard the salary of their citizens, but to make this explanation a lot easier, the Venezuelans monthly minimum wage is 1.307.646 bolívars, which is equivalent to 6.03 $ at the current black-market exchange rate, being the lowest in the continent:

As a consequence, the Venezuelans that don’t want to emigrate have preferred to search for better salaries in other countries through remote work or international companies that offer high salaries in other currencies.

So, if you’re in need of good workers, with talent, and eager to work, give it a try and we can assure you that you won’t regret it.

Cinterazo Paraguayo: Who said that politics can’t be fun?

Thousands of video games appear every day on the internet. We can find videos games inspired in movies, books, comics, series and every story or character that can come to life with graphics, like an especial agent, a drug dealer, a SWAT, a mystic creature, your favorite actor or movie character and even a UFB fighter.


This month we had the pleasure to create a video game named “Cintarazo Paraguayo” (enlazar con el link). Two candidates for government positions in Paraguay, Paraguayo Cubas and Celso Miranda, contacted the Digital Agency 8bit to create a game where they could destroy their political enemies in a virtual environment.


With “empanadas” (typical food in Latin-America), poop and a whip as special power, the players can fight and protect themselves of coca, money and babies that are thrown from their enemy, a Three heads monster inspired in a “Teyú Yaguá” (monster of the guaraní mythology), the three faces of the monster are “Malandra”, “Ferchu” and representing the controversial president of Paraguay “Drogacio”. The other characters in the game are rats wearing suits, representing the senators of the Paraguayan congress.

Of course Paraguayans are the only ones that can enjoy the full experience of the video game because they are living the history, but the interesting thing about this project is the unconventional strategy to increase the votes and popularity of a political party, trusting in technology as a channel for their political campaign with a very clear message.


Just imagine that for the last presidential election in US, Clinton created a video game where the user had to throw “tacos” to Donald Trump and he attacked back throwing his blonde wigs. This kind of ideas are not only hilarious, they also have the possibility to become a viral content, where everyone can share the game with just a link and compete for the best score with their friends and family.


Make politics funny and viral is a challenge in this century where young people don’t want to get involved in this kind of topics. Creating a video game like this is a smart and effective way to deliver a message.


We always talk about making unforgettable experiences and apply modern types of advertising for our client’s projects and this one represents those words. Every brand, including politicians, is having problems to get into the mind of the consumers and only the brands that trust in the effectiveness of the new technologies are those that have become the leaders of the world.

2018 trend: let your customers live the experience with VR.

All the experts in technology and marketing are talking about the predictions of VR for this year. The fact is that VR has gone from being a $90 million industry in 2014 to a projected $5.2 Billion industry in 2018.


More than a virtual scenario that simulates real experiences, VR have become one of the favorite’s software for consumers of technology, especially because it lets you be a part of a completely different reality. Also, virtual reality is being adopted in products of daily consumption like advertising and video games, this is some of the main reasons why the users are increasing constantly and the experts are expecting that VR becomes the technology trend of 2018.

Expecting to reach 171million of users, brands are surely preparing part of their budget for VR development, and not only because VR is looking promising this year, but because the projections for the next years don’t stop going up.


But why is 2018 the VR year? Based on the recopilation of experts opinions in You Visit website, we created a list of reasons why VR is expecting to be the technology trend of 2018:


  •        Cathy Hackl (AR and VR producer and speaker) thinks that one of the main reasons why 2018 is the year for VR is because 2018 FiFA World Cup, where big companies like NBC are going to surprise the market with a virtual experience where fans could live the action of the most important event of the year.
  •         PJ Morreale (senior director of YouVisit Studios) believes that business executive will see VR as an essential tool to generate engagement and conversion for their brands.
  •        Jesse Schell (CEO of Schell Games) predicts that 2018 is a year where a lot of new VR develops will appear, like a Comcast Channel, VR-centric game genre, and a VR social platform.

It’s not a secret for anyone that VR is being used to train F1 drivers, keeping them safe and minimizing costs in car damages. This kind of technology can be adopted for designers, creating a virtual product like house layouts, buildings, sculptures to showcase to their clients where they can interact with it and have a great quality preview that can sell your product better than traditional methods.


As experts in the development of this type of software, in Virtual Castle we always recommend the creation of effective strategies for brands, and one of the most compelling and unforgettable is Virtual Reality. This kind of technology is very versatile, giving every brand the opportunity to let the customer live the experience that they want to transmit.


There’s no time to fall asleep between all this craziness of technology evolution, so don’t let your brand become an old fashion one and pay attention to the trends of the year.

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